26th June 2007

Made the Big List

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square_button1.gifLee Odden added this blog to his Big List of Search Marketing Blogs. I probably made it because he knows I was suffering with him through Minnesota’s other season, Road Construction. Thanks Lee.

Coming up next: Matt Cutts adds me to his blogroll.

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  1. 1 MyAvatars 0.2 On June 26th, 2007, Doc said:

    Congrats JLH - well done and well deserved!


  2. 2 MyAvatars 0.2 On June 26th, 2007, JohnMu said:

    Woot! I hope that brings in a lot of beer :-).

    Great job!!

  3. 3 MyAvatars 0.2 On June 26th, 2007, JLH said:

    Thanks Guys, mmm beer.

  4. 4 MyAvatars 0.2 On June 26th, 2007, Sebastian said:

    Congrats John, terrific job. When Matt adds your link plz tell him I desperately need his link juice too ;) BTW … It’s a shame that the Google Webmaster Blog doesn’t link to you, at least they could scrape your buy-me-a-guinness-link.

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