20th May 2008

New Googler Spotted

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I’ve spotted a new Googler (new to me) helping out in GWHG. Everyone welcome blue G Chark to the fray. The list of Google Help(ers) has been updated as well.

From Chark’s introduction:

I’m Char, another Googler from Search Quality here to help out in the
Webmaster Help Group.

My foray into webmastering began with a personal photo gallery site I
created years ago, which looks like it is perpetually stuck in the
nineties. To redeem myself, I helped my last company bring its website
out of the nineties. Currently, I co-author a personal blog and am
working on setting up a personal website to host my own music fluff
(domain name TBD).

In addition to creating music fluff, I also like listening to all
sorts of music, trying different kinds of food, wandering around in
general, and learning about people.

I look forward to getting to know many of you and being involved in
this already very active and supportive community=). Thank you for
having me.

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