28th July 2008


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Cuil.com debuted it’s search engine.  I’m not going to declare it the next Google killer or a total failure based one day’s results, however I did find this interesting.

If you visit their section for webmasters they have:

If you would like Cuil to crawl your site and have it included in our index, please let us know

Where the “please let us know” is a link to an actual email address.

I doubt if many remember this but Google used to actually use email back when they were young (and not billionaires)

Before I am too quick to judge cuil’s capabilities I’ll keep in mind Google’s once humble beginnings.

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  1. 1 MyAvatars 0.2 On July 30th, 2008, Data Entry said:

    Cool - I’m going to go let them know! Hope you are doing well and that your friend has gone away!

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