2nd September 2008

Google Chrome

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I’d loose my Google fanboy status if I didn’t mention it. It’s a web browser. Made by Google. But apparently with less flexibility than the current 900 other browsers available, just more Googlier and faster.

This announcement coupled with the recent Google wikipedia Knol project makes me giddy with excitement for the next Google innovation: Google Wheel Beta. This will be a much more Googlier wheel and available in only red or yellow, and of course roundier.

Which will be followed up with the much rumored Google Ten Piece Hammer (pictures not available at time of publication)

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  1. 1 MyAvatars 0.2 On September 3rd, 2008, Richard Hearne said:

    What? They didn’t make you sign the NDA?

  2. 2 MyAvatars 0.2 On October 6th, 2008, Offshore Gaming said:

    it’s funny, the more i use Chrome (for windows), the more unstable it seems to get… crashes a lot more, can’t handle sites with flash, hangs every time i close a tab… all that to say, i’m switching back to Firefox

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