3rd November 2008

Fresh New Googlers on GWHG

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Update: 11/4/08 added Jayan

I’d like to introduce four Five new Googlers to the Google Webmaster Help Group.

Jayan Blue G

Hey Guys,

My name is Jayan, and I work with Google’s Search Quality Team. My
personal blog is still a work in progress so I will definitely be
asking around for some help on that. I am looking forward to helping
around the group as much as possible and learning from you guys in the

On the personal front: When not glued on to the internet, I spend most
of my waking hours catching up on movies and football games (Go
Arsenal!!). I am a self confessed Music Junkie/Gaming addict. I still
play Counter-Strike till my eyes actually hurt. I love reading,
traveling and indulge myself with adventure sports whenever I get the
opportunity. This was a recent skydiving video of mine -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mYgqhzrvyc . Oh, and did I mention I
work out of Google India’s Hyderabad office?


dLux Blue G

I am dLux, I work at Google Switzerland. I am a Googler in the Search
Quality Team.

My personal homepage is at www.dlux.hu, I like photography, especially
the beautiful mountains in Switzerland and sometimes I feel an urge to
sing, too. As you can see I originally came from Hungary, and I still
like that region very much.

I feel honoured to work in Google (it was my dream since I’ve finished
the university in 2002) and to help you guys who use our products!

Oliver Fisher Blue G

I’m Oliver Fisher, yet another Googler. I spend my time working on
Google’s anti-malware efforts (http://

I like long walks on the beach, romantic sunsets… Oh, wrong sort of

I work with Google’s Montreal engineering office but live in Ottawa.
Fortunately, many days I’m able to work from home - so No Pants Day
isn’t a special occasion for me. When not sitting in front of a
computer screen, I often sit in front of a blank wall practicing Zen.

For those already smitten, http://oliverfisher.blogspot.com is my
personal blog. Its PageRank is so low that I should be fired.


Christopher W. Blue G

Hey gang,

I’m Chris from the Search Quality team, and I thought I’d stop by and
introduce myself before I start helping out in this group.

Most of my time online is in Google Reader, trying to keep up on new
music, politics, design, and, of course, webmasters. My site is mostly
a tumblelog-style collection of things I’m into, and hopefully a
showcase for some music and programming projects in the future.
Offline, I’m usually reading, seeing films, taking photos, playing
music, tinkering with something, or having adventures around San

Oh, and when I have a rare, spare moment from Search Quality, I work
on the Authors@Google team. You can check out our events on Youtube
( http://www.youtube.com/atgoogletalks ), if you’re curious.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know more of you, and helping
out with any issues you might be having.

See you around,

Adi Goradia Blue G

Hellooo Everyone,

I’m Adi a recent addition to the U2U as well as a member of the Search
Quality team here at Google.

Like my buddy Chris, I keep a close eye on new music and try to get
out to all the shows going on in San Francisco. Most recently I saw
the Notwist; if you have a chance, check out their song Gloomy Planets
(the song is much more lighthearted and uplifting than the title
suggests - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2qKfzIpoQg ). Before this,
I studied computer arts and new media production, which ended up in a
lot of web projects — and that’s how I found myself here, working
with webmasters.

I’m excited to help out and I’m looking forward to learning some new
things from all of you.

- Adi

The timeless classic list of GWHG Googlers has been updated. This on the heals of the best month ever with over 10,000 posts.

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